We all know how love begins.

But how does it continue to thrive,

To grow,

To blossom and bear fruit?

How does it provide the sustenance necessary

For the requisite comfort and companionship?

How does it nurture the necessary magic

To soothe and summon

To touch and heal?

Perhaps we need to study the hydrology of love.

How does it access the great reservoirs of love

Hidden deep within?

How does it build the necessary aqueducts and cisterns

To collect love in times of abundance

For use in times of drought,

While understanding the need

To maintain and sustain

The living body of love,

Eventually tapping into the deepest aquafers.

To keep love nourished and afloat forever.



R. W. (Bob) Passi

R. W. (Bob) Passi

Basic belief in democracy and the goodness of people. Writing poetry, short stories and articles about politics and society- Book: “Saving Democracy”